What do you carry along to a job interview?

Typically, you take along a dossier-full of measurable, verifiable information: your school-leaving scores, your undergrad marks, your Master’s degree, proof of your work experience and some references.

Yes? You believe you will be judged on your academic accomplishments and your subject matter expertise. You have also readied your elevator pitch and rehearsed answers to all kinds of difficult questions. You are dressed formally.

You’ve got this!

But wait, are you forgetting something? Keys, tick. Wallet, tick. Phone, tick. Mask, tick. So what?

You’re missing an invisible element, one that employers look for the most? Your core work values.

Your ability to demonstrate your core work values at the interview stage and on-the-job will be key to your success at in the workplace. Snagging a promotion, a plum role, a coveted place in a high potential training program, all these will come much easier if you make a concerted effort to keep your core work values on display.

But what exactly are these core work values?

  1. A strong work ethic

Do you know what is appreciated more than hard work? More hard work! What does that mean? Doing more than what is expected from you?

Yes, because it shows the management that you have aced your time management skills. It also shows you are invested in your core work values of responsibility and honesty which, by their very essence, are not linked to your paycheck.

  1. Positive attitude

Who doesn’t like to work with a person who is enthusiastic and gives out positive vibes wherever they go? That’s another core value in the workplace and even though it sounds obvious, one that’s not easy to maintain. Employers notice those employees who take initiative. So it’s your job to show them your employee values that you have the motivation to get the work done within time.

  1. Dependability and responsibility

On the flip side to the core work value of a positive attitude, do you know which behaviors employers dislike and penalize? A lack of dependability and responsibility.

Think about it. You are supervising a team of five, and you have very tight deadlines. One of your team members reports late to office and doesn’t inform you. As a consequence, no one from your team attends a crucial inter-functional meeting. As this has happened for the first time, you have a quiet chat with them and let the matter go.

But what if this happens often? Do you think any manager should accept such tardy behavior? Surely, no. We have to show to our leaders and managers that we are responsible, and they can depend on us to get the job done.

An important core work value is to take responsibility for your work just as much you would like to take credit for it. It shows your core employee values of standing by your actions and daring to own your mistakes.

  1. Honesty and integrity

What’s the most important value in the workplace? The answer is honesty. Whichever industry or field you are working in, you probably already know it’s important to gain the trust of your customers. But it’s even more important to gain the trust of your colleagues.

It’s up to you to figure out how to make them feel comfortable with you but be sure that they are going to watch what you say and what you do. If you show honesty and integrity in your interactions with your colleagues, they will unhesitatingly share information and collaborate with you.

How can you develop these core work values?

While there are well-known ways to ace your technical skills, how can you develop employee values? TEA skills can help you do that. TEA Skills is a framework made up of Trust, Emotional Intelligence, and Authenticity that together build core work values.

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