They say teamwork makes the dream work.

When India won the cricket World Cup in 2011, it was a dream come true. And the reason for that was teamwork.

It was the combined efforts of the entire Indian team led by M.S. Dhoni that led them to this triumph. Fostering a strong team culture, assigning responsibilities on the field and motivating an entire team of players are excellent examples of team management.

This real-life example of good team management skills contains valuable lessons for everybody. Teamwork isn’t just about sport. You need strong teams in every field today.

What Is Team Management?

Every high-performing organization has an open secret—well-functioning teams. Often, the success of a project depends on the team working on it. Team management involves directing the operations and activities of a team to meet the common goal.

Team management isn’t always easy. Working with different kinds of people, adjusting to their work habits, and managing your own tasks isn’t child’s play. This is why mastering team management skills are vital.

Some examples of team management include managers delegating tasks to their team members to meet deadlines and organizations setting up different functional teams like marketing, sales, research, and development to meet their targets.

What Are Teamwork Skills?

Never underestimate the significance of teamwork in an organization. Inculcating a culture of team management and using teamwork management skills provide much-needed direction for your teams and employees.

In other words, teamwork management skills are qualities that help team members work together towards a common goal. Some examples of team management skills include employees collaborating to meet common objectives and deadlines, listening actively while working in a team and being respectful towards contrasting viewpoints.

Tips For Team Management

Proper team management gives direction to a team’s workflow and helps achieve targets and meet deadlines. Learning the tricks and tips for team management goes a long way in professional development.

Here are a few helpful tips for team management:

1. Know Your Team

For effective team management, it’s important to know your team. Harappa Education’s Managing Teamwork is a high-impact online course on team management that can help with that. It has a section on the Social Styles Model that teaches you about four common working styles within teams.

2. Foster Team Culture

Team interaction is one of the primary indicators of a good team. Team members must work harmoniously with each other and with the team leader. Make sure to keep the channels of communication always to avoid any misunderstanding. However, it takes time to develop an effective team management culture. Let the team grow organically for good teamwork management.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Team management is effective when it’s realistic. Don’t shoot for the stars and expect your team to follow suit. You may want to create new objectives or make a change but remember to stay grounded. Bigger projects can be broken down into manageable chunks for your teams to best utilize their potential and resources.  Victories, no matter how big or small, must be celebrated because they feed into your team’s confidence.

4. Set An Example

As a team leader, there are several responsibilities that you shoulder. More often than expected, your team looks to you for inspiration. Building teamwork management skills means setting an example so that your team members can take cues from your attitude, work ethics, and enthusiasm. Keep your doors open and make yourself approachable.

5. Provide Constructive Feedback

Team management is incomplete without feedback. If your teammates can’t measure their progress or recognize their mistakes, they’ll never know their shortcomings. Have regular check-ins. Constructive feedback is more powerful than negative feedback. Ensure that the critique you provide helps your teammates work to their fullest potential instead of dragging them down.

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