Aftab left the interview room feeling giddy as he had one of the best job interviews in his life. He’s confident that the recruiters will call him for a second interview. But a few days pass by and he hasn’t received a word.

Aftab made one tiny mistake—he didn’t follow up with the recruiters. Even the most confident job-seekers need to follow up after an interview. The best way to seal the deal is by crafting a perfect thank you note. Read on to explore the secrets that’ll teach you how to thank for an interview and impress potential employers.


  1. Why Write A Thank You Email After An Interview?

  2. The Non-Negotiables Of A Thank You Email

  3. Writing A Cordial Thank You Email

Why Write A Thank You Email After An Interview?

A job interview presents you with an opportunity to talk about your qualifications, experiences and skills. You put your best foot forward and leave a positive impression on potential employers. But how do you continue to maintain that beyond the interview? You follow up! Writing an effective thank you email after an interview is the best way to reiterate your interest in the position. More importantly, it’s another opportunity to influence a recruiter’s decision.

The hiring process can move quickly, especially when virtual interviews are becoming popular. Send the thank you email no later than 24 hours after the interview. The quicker you connect with the hiring manager (or team), the easier it is to influence their decision. Let’s look at the significance of writing a thank you email post-interview.

  • Reinforce the fact that you want the job and why you want it; talk about the ways you might make significant contributions

  • This is your chance to discuss something that you wish you’d brought up during the interview (e.g., work hours or the need to travel to work)

  • Showing gratitude is a healthy step in the job search; simply acknowledging the time someone gives you can make a big difference

The Non-Negotiables Of A Thank You Email

There are a few standard elements you should include to make a thank you email work. Here are several strategies that’ll teach you how to thank someone for an interview.

  1. Powerful Subject Line

When it comes to the subject line, get straight to the point. For example, “I enjoyed learning about <company name>.

  1. A Simple Personal Greeting

Always begin your emails with a salutation. Address the recruiter directly, by using their first name (e.g., Dear Sujita). Write personalized thank-you emails if you’ve been interviewed by multiple people.

  1. Emphasis On The Thank You

As it’s a thank you email, open with a thank you. Pay attention to your tone—it should sound sincere and authentic. For example, “Thank you for your time and giving me a constructive overview of the Product Manager position”.

  1. Make Room For Qualifications

Although the interviewer is already aware of your professional and academic background, it’s always useful to provide a short recap. Connect your qualifications to the requirements and explain what makes you a suitable candidate.

  1. The Need For Next Steps

A thank you email is incomplete without a call to action. Include prompts that encourage the recruiter to take the next steps in the hiring process. For example, “should you need additional information, feel free to reach me at <contact number/email address>”.

Writing A Cordial Thank You Email

Now that we’ve established how to write a thank you email after an interview, let’s look at a basic email template. Consider this sample when writing your next thank you note.

Subject Line: Thank You For Your Time

Dear <interviewer’s first name>,

I’m writing to thank you for taking the time and talking to me about the role of <job title> yesterday. It was a pleasure to interact with you and learn more about <organization name>.

The information you shared convinced me that I’m a perfect fit and I can make valuable contributions. I especially enjoyed learning about <something specific you discussed during the interview>.

I have been thinking about what you said <specific challenges that the interviewer mentioned>. In my previous role as <your last position>, I discovered that <explain how you tackled a similar challenge in your last job>.

If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me on <email address or phone number>. Looking forward to our call next week as discussed.

Thank you again for your consideration!


<Your name>

<Contact details>


When it comes to interviews, always remember that communication is key. Taking time to follow up and preparing thoughtful emails will signal your dedication and willingness. Harappa Education’s Ace The Interview course will help you go beyond your resume and reinforce the best version of yourself to potential employers. Follow up and distinguish yourself; your simple thank you will go a long way.

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