There has been plenty of debate about why online learning is the future of education. You may have come across advertisements where popular actors from the Indian film industry are advertising leading Education Technology (EdTech) brands. Some of these EdTech enterprises have even sponsored cricket matches. It’s no secret that virtual learning has redefined the education industry and entrepreneurs are making the most of this opportunity.

While online education has its advantages, maximizing your learning experience needs additional effort. Let’s deep dive into tips for studying online and see how you can make the best of your virtual classes.


  1. But First, Let’s Unpack Online Learning

  2. Tips For Effective Online Learning

  3. How A Growth Mindset Can Help

But First, Let’s Unpack Online Learning

If rapid technological advancement has been a boon for the education sector, online learning is one of its many fruits. At its most basic level, online learning is taking courses on the Internet instead of the physical space as a classroom. Virtual education has its roots in distance education—where the teaching methods go beyond classroom learning and technological tools such as the internet, emails and video calls make up for the physical absence.

There are several advantages of remote learning. Some of them include:

  • You can earn a certificate or a degree from anywhere in the world as long as you have the technological resources

  • You can study at your own time and pace. This gives you room to include other activities as well (such as working full-time)

  • It’s cost-efficient and highly accessible. You have plenty of freedom to choose and design your own success track

Tips For Effective Online Learning

Study tips for online classes are widely available across the Internet. However, you need to focus on those learning tips that help you maximize your learning experience. Here’s a list of online learning tips you can consider for your next class.

  1. Set And Track Goals

Before you start your course, ask yourself what you hope to achieve from your class. One of the most important tips for online class is to set realistic and measurable goals for studying. For example, I plan to finish watching all the videos in module 4 and look for additional resources.

  1. Use A Calendar

Time management is essential for successful online education. You can schedule your study time by using a virtual calendar. It’ll also help you prioritize the sections you’d want to focus on. When you dedicate time, it becomes a top activity on your to-do list.

  1. Create Your Own Bubble

Just like a schedule has the power to regularize activities, a dedicated workspace can help you focus on your classes better. Creating a productive environment by minimizing distractions is one of the most effective online education tips. Compartmentalizing your workspace and leisure space helps.

  1. Develop A Note-Taking Habit

The list of e-learning tips is incomplete without talking about note-taking. You may think it’s a futile activity as the materials are accessible 24×7 but note-taking can promote active thinking. It helps extend attention span and boosts comprehension. It’s useful to add your own interpretations and takeaways as well.

  1. Engage And Participate

A majority of online learning platforms provide pre-recorded videos as study materials. You may be wondering: how can I clarify my doubts? Course discussion forums and communities are excellent avenues for learners to engage more deeply with the content. Ask questions about assignments, share resources and discuss a variety of topics.

In addition to these tips for online class, let’s look at a few learning strategies that can change the way you consume and engage with educational content.

  • Repeatedly practice the skills you learn and the knowledge you develop by applying them in various contexts of your life. Take your learning outside the classroom

  • In addition to already available forums, find ways to connect with your peers through video calling apps to engage in meaningful discussions

  • Remember to take breaks and maintain good habits such as healthy snacking, drinking water and exercising

How A Growth Mindset Can Help

To make the most of online learning, you need to develop a growth mindset—you must believe you can expand your abilities through continuous learning. Harappa’s Learning Expertly is a lifelong learning course aimed at putting you on a path of self-motivated learning. Frameworks such as Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Gibb’s Reflective Cycle will help you make sense of different learning experiences. Discover new ways to upgrade your knowledge and skills!

Explore topics such as Study Tips For Students, The Cycle Of Continuous Improvement, the Stages Of Learning Process & How To Memorize Faster from Harappa Diaries to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

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