“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

These words by the famous animator and film producer Walt Disney are simple. But so powerful.

Any dream can be achieved. No goal is impossible.

However, it isn’t enough to just dream beautiful dreams. You must also make a plan to turn those dreams into reality.

How do you do that? You begin by setting clear goals and understanding the type of goal you want to set.

Realizing your dreams also involves understanding the different types of goal-setting or techniques to develop an action plan to meet your goals.

Different Types Of Goals

Not everybody has the same goals. Everybody has different types of goals depending on their interests and skillsets. People who set goals are more likely to work harder and smarter. Before you start setting your goals, you should understand the different types of goals. They are:

Time-Based Type Of Goals

Invest and manage your time better with the following types of goals.

  1. Short-term Goals:

Short-term goals help you stay motivated. You focus your energy on meeting smaller and shorter deadlines in the short term. Such goals help you invest your time wisely in the immediate future. An example of this type of goal is reading one chapter from a  book every day.

  1. Long-term Goals:

These are usually time-consuming and have a broader scope. This type of goal focuses on the big picture. It provides you with a sense of direction and brings lasting results. For example, someone who wants to be an actor may attend drama school and go for auditions in the film industry. They cannot expect to become an actor overnight but can move towards their goal in small steps.

  1. Lifetime Goals:

Apart from that, you also have bigger life goals. These goals could be your vision, mission, or purpose that can keep you on your toes for a lifetime. These types of goals in life are called lifetime goals. Retiring early and going on a tour around the world is an example of a lifetime goal.

  1. Stepping-stone Goals:

Similar to stepping-stones, these are need-based transactional goals that help you reach bigger goals. This type of goal leads to short-term goals, which finally lead to long-term goals. A good example would be studying hard for an exam in college. This will ensure a good transcript, which will boost one’s chances of getting a good job.

Life-Based Type of Goal Setting

To achieve all-round success, you must work towards different types of goals that will improve key areas of your life. Some of these goals are –

  1. Career Goals:

They should reflect your professional calling—essentially what you wish to accomplish. This type of goal-setting can vary from starting your own business to developing your soft skills for better placement opportunities.

  1. Financial Goals:

Setting financial goals will help you build a financially secure future. When you know your goals, you can prioritize and plan short and long-term expenditures. This type of goal-setting improves your habits while making you wiser about using money.

  1. Personal Development Goals:

 With this type of goal in life, you’re bound to turn into a better version of yourself. You will push yourself to upskill and learn new things because you want to do better and realize your full potential.

  1. Educational Goals:

 These goals overlap with personal development and career goals. While school education is important, this type of goal should be taken more seriously in college. Educational goals aren’t just for college students. You can also plan to be a life-long learner.

  1. Physical And Health Goals:

Being healthy and fit is an asset in life.  It helps achieve other types of goals too. You may want to work towards improving your health. Being mindful of your fitness and nourishment can expand your capacity to do more.


Knowing the different types of goals can make planning your life easier for you. Remember your goals may look easy, but pursuing them may get tiring. Getting on the best possible path is difficult because you’re still on your way to discovering the best version of yourself. Harappa Education’s Leading Self course is designed to empower and harness your inner potential. The Iceberg Model will help you identify and overcome harmful biases while the Balcony and Dance Floor Framework will teach you the secrets of ownership and action. Sign up for the course today to set and achieve goals!

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