The COVID-19 pandemic forced several organizations in India to lay off employees. Start-up businesses such as Ola, Zomato and Swiggy among others had to let go of significant numbers from their talent force. However, these businesses ensured that their employees had alternative options to fall back on, which is why they came up with outplacement initiatives.

Outplacement programs have emerged as a necessity in current times. Read on to understand what outplacement is and how it is useful in business as well as academic settings.

  1. What Are Outplacement Services?

  2. Need For Outplacement In Academic Institutions

  3. Create An Effective Outplacement Program

What Are Outplacement Services?


Before delving into outplacement services, let’s understand what is outplacement and how it helps. There are times when businesses need to downsize and offboard some of their members. The best thing to do to avoid negatively impacting employee experience and job satisfaction is to provide outplacement services. In short, outplacement is a strategy that helps employees smoothly transition to a new role after job loss.

 What do outplacement services do, you might be wondering. Let’s look at the various benefits of outplacement programs in organizations:

  • They help employers look out for their employees and make sure they have a place to turn for help

  • They avoid negatively impacting an employer’s brand image in the job market; this allows them to attract and retain qualified professionals

  • It cushions the possible impact on job satisfaction and employee engagement, allowing employers to maintain positive relationships with employees

Therefore, outplacement programs have tremendous payoffs, ensuring an organization’s future growth potential.

Need For Outplacement In Academic Institutions


While outplacement services are typically associated with business environments, colleges and universities can benefit from this strategy as well. In recent times, there have been several instances where universities haven’t been able to adequately prepare their graduates with the necessary skills required for workplace success. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation has become worse and several institutions are unable to meet student expectations and needs.

The pandemic forced several organizations to withdraw job offers, leaving graduates helpless. Campuses can consider and integrate outplacement services into their placement programs. It will not only provide students with a safety net but also much-needed guidance as they begin their professional journeys. This further protects the institution’s reputation and increases their chances of attracting top students in the future. It’s time for you to instill confidence in your students and help them make successful career transitions. 

Create An Effective Outplacement Program


Successful outplacement services place emphasis on personal branding and coaching. Typically, career coaches guide individuals as they market themselves and their skills to potential employers. In short, such services help people optimize their efforts by aligning them to current technology and processes.

Whether you decide to hire an external outplacement service provider or create your own program, here are several tips to ensure you have a powerful program in place:

  1. Include Technology

As virtual learning and online education emerge as the new normal, it’s possible to offer virtual outplacement for your students. In addition to e-meetings with coaches, students can look at new opportunities in the market with greater convenience. Technology solves the geographical gaps and decreases turnaround time. In fact, job hunting and outplacement can operate in the same space.


  1. Ensure Flexibility

What is outplacement support without flexibility? Every student’s needs and expectations are unique. When it comes to finding work, there are various factors at play. Therefore, your outplacement program should offer change if and when required. Accommodating your students’ interests will help ensure they benefit in the best way possible. They should get the job they want, and it should be something they’re good at and something they find meaningful.


  1. Make It Easily Accessible

Students should feel comfortable when using outplacement services. The coaching, online learning tools and digital platforms should be made easy to access and use. They should feel like they’re getting closer to landing a job after they’ve used the services. This will further drive motivation and make them feel more confident.


Along with coaching support, other resources such as mock interviews, career assessments and salary research can help individuals greatly.

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