Given that almost every aspect of our life is now touched by digital technology, digital proficiency has become a New World competence. It has an ever-increasing bearing on how we work, communicate with one another, buy services and products, and create and consume media.

As technology becomes progressively integrated into our daily lives, those without digital skills will find it very difficult to get ahead—in life and at work. Even if you don’t want to become a technical guru, you have to be willing to embrace and adopt new digital technology, and to leverage it innovatively to work faster and better.

Our world runs on technology. The sooner we accept that and adapt, the easier it’ll be to move with the times. Digital Proficiency is the ability to understand, work with and operate technology. From software to technical know-how, digital proficiency skills help professionals learn on the job, upskill and grow.

The importance of Digital Proficiency today is that every single job requires technical skills. Whether it’s sales or finance, there’s one aspect of every job that demands technical knowledge. For professionals who want to advance in their careers, bridge the digital gap in communication and adjust to new technological advancements, it’s critical to develop digital proficiency skills.

Some examples of Digital Proficiency are working with mobile applications, user interface and user experience, web design, computer programs, programming languages and social media.

Digital Proficiency requires the ability to be dexterous with technology, data and social media. It takes practice, trial and error and the willingness to learn.

Harappa programs that focus on Digital Proficiency as a Thrive Skill are the Placement Success Program, Inspiring Faculty Program and Powerful Presence Program.

Other Thrive Skills under SOLVE are Detail Orientation, Managing Projects Expertly, Client Centricity, Service Orientation and Practical Cleverness. 

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