Bill Gates believes that the leaders of the next century will be those who empower others. By building and promoting a workforce that allows everyone to tap into their true potential, you can bring multiple perspectives to the table and balance impact and innovation.

In a global marketplace, inclusive practices help improve cultural awareness, encourage collaboration among diverse minds and improve productivity. Take targeted action to bring out the best in every person you work with. The solution lies in inclusion!

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

An empowered workplace is one where each employee, from different cultures and with unique experiences, feels valued, heard and supported. Driving Inclusion is about creating an inclusive workforce that offers equal opportunities to every member. Inclusivity at the workplace is the cornerstone of modern society. Professionals who believe in an inclusive workplace culture will likely become great leaders.

Workplace inclusion not only encourages collaboration among teams but also brings together people who have different work styles. For career success, Driving Inclusion will enable professionals to understand others, bringing them closer to diverse perspectives. An inclusive workplace thrives, overcoming setbacks with ease and support from others.

Examples of workplace inclusion include encouraging using and learning more than just one language, organizing social initiatives that allow people to learn about their colleagues and their cultures, giving a voice to every member of the organization, making room for collaboration that’s cross-functional without the need for authority and approval and promoting learning and development initiatives.

A professional can learn how to be inclusive and contribute to workplace inclusion. What they need is an open, broad and unrestricted worldview. The ability to understand others, be empathetic and listen to their stories without judgment is what drives inclusion. An inclusive workplace culture is one where professionals can be their best selves. As leaders, Driving Inclusion is an essential Thrive Skill to lead teams to success without reservations.

Other Thrive Skills under LEAD are Commercial Acumen, Catalyzing Change, Taking Ownership,  Productive Delegation and Outcome Orientation.

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