TV star Oprah Winfrey says she couldn’t have reached where she has without complete self awareness. You cannot determine what path to take “unless you take the time to actually know who you are and why you’re here,” she says.

So how well do you know yourself? Are you clear about your goals and values? Do you know what behaviors can help you achieve greater life satisfaction?  Dive in to leverage your strengths, overcome weaknesses and better understand yourself and how others perceive you. Let self-awareness guide you to self-mastery.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Enhanced Self-Awareness is a Thrive Skill that not only helps professionals understand themselves better but also identify how to become better employees, managers and leaders. Professionals must strive to increase self-awareness because it enables them to evaluate, reflect and learn from their experiences. Past mistakes, successes and failures factor into how an individual’s career progresses. If you improve your self-awareness, you’ll likely find it easier to deal with challenges as well as opportunities.

Professionals must improve self-awareness at work so they can work well with others, build the right skill set and put their best foot forward. You can increase your self-awareness if you want to progress with your team, learn more about your aspirations and contribute substantially toward organizational goals.

Examples of improving self-awareness include revisiting feedback received from a senior and assessing what went wrong and what worked. Some other examples are communicating with others in your immediate environment to understand what you do well and what you can improve.

The best way to increase self-awareness is by accepting feedback. What managers, peers and clients say about the work is indicative of how far a professional has advanced in their career. This also leads to self-reflection, enabling them to understand themselves better. It’s not about blindly accepting feedback, but analyzing it, making room for it and taking it in one’s stride can help professionals increase self-awareness.

Other Thrive Skills under THINK are Ethical Clarity, Practicing Mindfulness, Big-Picture Thinking, Optimistic Outlook and Intellectual Rigor.

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