Here we come as one… no matter where we’re from. That’s a pop song that could well be the anthem of the business world. In an increasingly globalized world, business is not limited by language, culture or boundaries. You shouldn’t be, either.  

A broader understanding of diverse people, cultures and thinking can open multiple doors of opportunity for you. Thinking globally can take you out of your comfort zone and expose you to new perspectives. It can help you sense emerging trends that may lie far away from your horizon currently, but which might help you find solutions for problems in your immediate environment.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s important for people to have a Global Perspective. Understanding different cultures, learning languages and acquiring knowledge of other nations has become part of the equation. Not only does this open doors to better opportunities but also allows one to be more open-minded, accepting and inclusive.

The importance of global perspective in a professional setting is that it’s the gateway to new worlds. Many organizations operate internationally and having a Global Perspective helps professionals  make the most of these opportunities. A workplace that’s diverse and inclusive will have people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. The ability to interact, engage with and understand others arms them with the confidence to build meaningful relationships.

Some examples of Global Perspective are learning languages or about new cultures, taking an interest in different work styles across countries and even participating in workshops that introduce people to diversity.

Being open-minded makes one creative, an effective problem-solver and an informed decision maker. Global perspective skills can be developed over time with experience. Communicating openly with people from different cultures is another way to adopt a Global Perspective.

Other Thrive Skills under COLLABORATE are Fostering Trust, Creating Alignment, Competing Fairly, Being Dependable and Infectious Energy.

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