Like information, influence is power. No matter where you work or what your professional goals are, achieving influence in the workplace is critical for success—at all levels. In a team, gaining influence can help you get your voice heard and your work done faster. As a boss, gaining influence can win you respect. As a junior, gaining influence can win you appreciation.  

Influence has many advantages, but learning how to acquire it takes time and effort. Fortunately, you have this pathway to help you. Use it to gain the confidence of diverse stakeholders and become more respected in the workplace.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

In a crowd of people, the influence of a professional is what enables their voice to be heard. It’s easy to get out of sight, out of mind. Influencing Masterfully is a must-have Thrive Skill for professionals who want to make an impact, leave a mark.

The importance of influencing skills is that it helps build a professional network. For those engaged in customer-facing mandates, influencing skills are particularly relevant. They help to positively influence others to build relationships that lead to better opportunities.

Examples of influencing skills in business include client-facing roles, customer relationship management and customer support. These roles require influencing people in a positive way. Within teams, leaders must acquire the skills for influencing people so they can keep the morale high.

Professionals can improve influencing skills by building their communication ability, learning more about decoding others and understanding what others need.

Harappa programs that focus on Influencing Masterfully as a Thrive Skill are the Women’s Leadership Program, High Performing Leaders Program, Impactful Sales Program and Powerful Presence Program.

Other Thrive Skills under COMMUNICATE are Meaningful Synthesis, Powerful Storytelling, Persuasive Conversations, Personal Credibility and Cultural Fluency.

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