Deal head-on with unpleasant or tough situations without being intimidating

In the workplace, prickly situations are inevitable. Courageous leaders are able to face them head-on without emotion, aggression or fear and calmly navigate around roadblocks that would stop others in their tracks.

In this course, learn how to balance assertiveness with authenticity, create a safe environment for your team, turn negatives into positives and practice healthy behaviors.  Develop the courage to give tough feedback, take an unpopular stand and handle difficult situations and people — with grace. Remember fear is a reaction, courage is a decision. Make the right one.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Managerial Courage is the art of tactfully dispensing direct and actionable feedback. It is a skill that helps managers stay open with their team and give feedback without coming across as intimidating. Managerial Courage is the ability to deal with people, problems and difficult situations head-on.

Managerial Courage competency can lead to a positive environment in the workplace. When a manager is honest with their team, they feel at ease about coming to them with problems that they may be facing. Employees are able to trust the manager completely, leading to improved communication, greater collaboration and better outcomes.

Managerial Courage is a skill that can be learned with experience. It is about keeping an open mind and staying without bias when dealing with a team. A manager without judgment and bias will ensure that they create a safe environment for their teams and command the respect and admiration that they deserve. 

When a manager is courageous, it will reflect within their team. Managerial Courage will turn a boss into a coach and create a safe environment for their teams to come and talk to them. A courageous manager will not be intimidating, they will be admired and looked up to by all around them.

The Harappa program that focuses on Managerial Courage as a Thrive Skill is the First Time Manager Program.

Other Thrive Skills under LEAD  are Growing Others, Giving Actionable Feedback, Commercial Acumen, Championing Innovation, Being Resilient, Catalyzing Change and Taking Ownership.

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