People in the workplace are invariably short of time. The more senior they are, the less time they have to spare. So when they ask for information, verbally or in writing, they don’t want a laundry list of all the facts you’ve collected. They just want to know what those facts mean.

In other words, they want a synthesis of the data at your disposal. That means studying different facts and figures, interpreting what they mean, and relaying that as a short, sharp message. Synthesis is one of the most important skills in communication. Learn how to use it correctly, and you will be perceived as a sharpshooter of a communicator.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Synthesis is the process of combining separate ideas and thoughts and merging them to create something. It is the act of putting together different elements so as to form a whole.

Meaningful Synthesis is when a person is able to fuse information from different sources and create something meaningful out of it. When someone at your place of work asks you for a report, they expect you to take all of the data available and synthesize it into a short, crisp and meaningful piece of communication. This is where Meaningful Synthesis as a skill plays the most important part.

Synthesis skills are a crucial part of good communication. The ability to synthesize vast amounts of information and present it with clarity, precision and ease of understanding is one of the most important parts of any place of work. Synthesis skills include collecting information that can be in the form of data, reports, charts, facts and figures, interpreting that information to ensure it makes sense and communicating the information in a concise and clear way. Meaningful Synthesis occurs when all of these steps are perfectly performed and are in sync with each other.

Developing synthesizing skills is possible with the right kind of tools and frameworks. Like any other cognitive skill, a person needs to keep practicing and improve their synthesizing skills. It is also important to implement these tools and frameworks in all the tasks that one performs.

As a person advances in their career they need to be able to communicate ideas and thoughts clearly. When communicating with the senior leadership of an organization, time is of the essence. Meaningful Synthesis hence becomes one of the most important skills to master. When communicating with the senior leaders of an organization, one has to be able to synthesize their thoughts and present them articulately and quickly.

Harappa programs that focus on Meaningful Synthesis as a Thrive Skill are the Confident Communication Program and Impactful Sales Program.

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