Boost is the secret of my energy. Remember the slogan? Brands use powerful words to reach their audience. With On-Point Messaging, you can too. You can connect with your audience and persuade them to act as per your goals.   

No matter what your mode of communication is, your messages always need to be focused and tailored to your audience and your purpose. Learn how to write sharply, speak with confidence and engage your audience in this pathway. Whether you’re negotiating a job offer, pitching an idea to a client or just writing an email, do it with clarity, brevity and impact.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

On-Point Messaging is the ability of an individual in getting the point across in a clear, concise and easy to understand way. When a piece of communication is being crafted, it needs to be well defined. It needs to clearly and consistently communicate your thoughts and ideas to the target stakeholders. On-Point Messaging is the skill that helps you create targeted and precise communication for your brand and organization.

If a piece of communication that has been created to target a certain audience, is not understood by them, it becomes a redundant and futile exercise. On-Point Messaging helps in getting your point across to your audiences in a manner that is engaging and clear. It is a skill that teaches you how to get your point across and ensure that your audience understands you.

If you master the skill of getting your point across in a clear and effective manner, you will be able to achieve organizational goals, hence becoming an important asset. On-Point Messaging helps in understanding how to get your point across in a clear, concise and compelling way. This skill of masterful communication is essential right from the time of the interview to nailing the job, communicating with peers and superiors and with clients and external stakeholders.

Harappa programs that focus on On-Point Messaging as a Thrive Skill are Young Talent Bootcamp, Confident Communication Program and High Performing Leaders Program.

Other Thrive Skills under COMMUNICATE are Meaningful Synthesis, Impactful Presence, Influencing Masterfully, Cultural Fluency, Confident Public-Speaking, Active Listening, Audience Connect, Presentation Flair and Being Empathetic.

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