Everything in life is a choice, from when to wake up to what to wear to which route to take to work. It continues at the workplace where you have to decide which project to tackle when, whom to delegate what to, and how to resolve a sticky situation. With Practical Cleverness, you can apply your intelligence in practical, everyday situations to get the best results.

Successful professionals, be they entrepreneurs, managers or salespersons, use practical intelligence to excel in their roles. The skill helps them navigate tense situations, communicate effectively and influence the people they work with. You can even assume leadership roles if the skill is utilized right. Never say never to being practically clever!

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Practical Cleverness or practical intelligence is the ability that individuals use to find a more optimal fit between themselves and the demands of the environment through adapting, shaping, or selecting a new environment in the pursuit of personally valued goals. It is the ability to learn from experiences and apply those to the real world.

Practical intelligence is acquired by learning from your experiences and your mistakes, and from those of others. Building practical intelligence is almost like learning how to learn—you need to explore your own strengths and weaknesses, try different ways of doing tasks, and build on what works or doesn’t work. Most of all, you need to be actively involved to gain this kind of skill.

People with practical intelligence often end up in leadership roles, due to their ability to communicate effectively with others, and adapt to—and shape—their environment. A practical intelligence example is nailing a job interview based not only on your resume but on your ability to navigate a tense situation, communicate effectively, and influence the people you’re talking to.

Harappa programs that focus on Practical Cleverness as a Thrive Skill are the High Performing Leaders Program and Impactful Sales Program.

Other Thrive Skills under SOLVE are Performance Orientation, Logical Reasoning, Managing Projects Expertly, Learning Agility and Execution Excellence.

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