Have you ever labored on an email to a client the whole day, only to realize that it doesn’t convey what you really want to say? You’re not alone. Very few people know or even think about what message they want to convey before they sit down to write a document or put together a presentation. That’s where they go wrong. 

While writing for work, it’s crucial to write with precision and clarity. That’s the only way to ensure that your readers immediately understand what you’re trying to say, and why.

Not only does it help you clarify your thoughts, writing precisely also reduces misunderstandings, saves you and others time, and sets you apart from others. 

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Conveying a message in the right way is one of the most important tasks in any professional setup. Precise Writing is a style of written communication where the primary objective is to convey information. Precise Writing skills are an appropriate mode of writing for technical communication, but can also be used in nontechnical situations.

Precise Writing skills lead to better internal and external communication at the workplace. Due to lack of time, long, elaborate emails are not always the way to go. It is crucial to be able to crunch the information in a short email that is easily understood by all stakeholders. Precise Writing skills also help a person get their ideas across easily since they’re able to convince the listeners and give them just the right amount of information with clarity.

Precise Writing is possible when a person has clarity of thought. Precise Writing skills require time and attention to detail. When writing a piece of communication, it is important to gather your thoughts and write with a clear and focused mind. It is also important to revise what has been written. With the right frameworks and tools, Precise Writing can be mastered by anyone.

Harappa programs that focus on Precise Writing as a Thrive Skill are the Young Talent Bootcamp, Confident Communication Program and Placement Success Program.

Other Thrive Skills under COMMUNICATE are On-Point Messaging, Meaningful Synthesis, Influencing Masterfully, Cultural Fluency, Impactful Presence, Active Listening, Confident Public-Speaking and Audience Connect.

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