Powerful women who aren’t afraid to speak up and raise their voice lead the way for millions of other girls.

Malala Yousafzai and Maya Angelou are powerhouses not just because they’re unafraid to stand on the right side. but it’s also because they’re brave when it comes to sharing their stories. And their stories, in turn, inspire so many people—children and adults—to strive for more.

They share certain similarities, but what’s more, they also share the same personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI personality test, the ENFJ or protagonist personality type. 

Learn more about those who made it onto the ENFJ famous people roster, their personality traits and characteristics. But first, what exactly is the MBTI?


  1. Decoding The MBTI Personality Assessment Test

  2. ENFJ Characters In Fiction

  3. Is Your Workplace The Right One For You? 

Decoding The MBTI Personality Assessment Test


The MBTI or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a self-assessment test developed by a mother-daughter duo in the early 20th-century. Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers developed the MBTI based on Carl Jung’s theory of extroversion and introversion. According to the MBTI, people can be characterized into 16 personality types. Each personality type is a four-letter abbreviation made up of the following elements:

  • Extroversion (E)
  • Sensing or Observant (S)
  • Thinking (T)
  • Intuitive (N)
  • Judgment (J)
  • Feeling (F)
  • Perception or Prospecting (P)
  • Introversion (I)

The ENFJ type is extroverted (E), intuitive (N), feeling (F) and judging (J). They are known as the protagonist personality type as they’re devoted to the people they care about. They lead by example, which truly distinguished them. The ENFP type is compassionate, dedicated and kind.

Let’s discover what sets ENFJ famous people apart and ENFJ characters in fiction that fit the bill. 

ENFJ Characters In Fiction


In the same vein as the two powerful women we learned about, other ENFJ famous people in fiction that share similar traits are Daenerys Targaryen from The Game of  Thrones and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice.

These women are nothing if not headstrong, focused and inspirational. Their stories, thoughts and ideologies motivate and encourage us as readers to question the status quo.

Here are ENFJ personality traits shared by these characters:

1. Strong-Minded

ENFJ traits make them strong-minded and receptive to others. If they stand up for themselves, like Elizabeth Bennet does on numerous occasions, they also stand up for others. They believe everyone has the right to express themselves freely, even if they don’t always agree with what’s said. If nothing else, they’ll get a good, hearty debate out of it.

2. Aspirational

People who display ENFJ traits are aspirational, passionate and excited for new activities and hobbies. They enjoy the pursuit of different activities like cooking, painting and dancing, always engaging in different ways to spend their time. Of course, for Daenerys Targaryen, this meant flying atop her dragons.

3. Philanthropic

A distinct quality of an ENFJ is their altruism. They are genuinely passionate about helping others. They want to build a better world, which also pushes them to stand up for what’s right.

 4. Born Leaders

Someone with a protagonist personality type is a born leader. Not only do they lead by example but they’re also successful in mobilizing people. They believe in taking everyone with them rather than micromanaging. An ENFJ has one true goal and that is to help others in whatever capacity they can.

 5. Compassionate

ENFJ personality traits include compassion, kindness and reliance. People can believe in them and their ability to follow through with their word. They truly enjoy being the person who uplifts others, their cause and vision. This is what makes ENFJs great leaders as well.

In a professional capacity, someone who’s an ENFJ can be a mentor, guide and teacher to others. You may know someone who shares ENFJ personality traits. Whether it’s the ENFJ famous people or the list of ENFJs in your network, it’s clear that ENFJs are one-of-a-kind—aptly named protagonists. 

Is Your Workplace The Right One For You?


How personality tests like MBTI can help you is by giving you answers to questions like who you are and what you want. Additionally, they help you understand your environment and the people around you. Harappa’s Navigating Workplaces course will teach you how to find your culture fit. There may be ENFJs in your work environment. You’ll also learn how to deal with different types of power structures and stakeholders. Enroll today and decode the fundamentals of workplace differences.

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