None of us is as smart as all of us. Bees and ants already know that. That’s why they band together to repel threats and build homes that they can collectively live in. But we’re not far behind. At work as in life, people work together, anticipate and meet each other’s demands, and inspire confidence, resulting in coordinated collective action.

But team-working skills don’t develop in a vacuum. You have to make an active effort to create a strong sense of camaraderie, co-dependency and team culture. In this pathway, learn how to communicate and pursue common goals through greater cooperation, collaboration and communication.

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Skillfull or effective teamwork is seen within the greater framework of a team, which is a group of interdependent individuals who work together towards a common goal.

Successful teamwork at the workplace builds a harmonious relationship between employees. It brings out the best within a team and improves their efficiency significantly. Good teamwork unites people and helps them work together towards a common goal. Good teamwork also promotes healthy discussions and fosters a learning environment. Effective teamwork helps in achieving organizational goals in a more efficient manner. When several people brainstorm and come up with ideas, they are bound to be more diverse and out-of-the-box. Good teamwork also helps in resolving issues faster and working on feedback in a structured way.

Effective teamwork at the workplace can be achieved by defining goals for all members of a team. It can also be promoted by rewarding effective teamwork skills and projects and recognizing those who are able to skillfully work as a team.

Other Thrive Skills under COLLABORATE are Win-Win Negotiation, Navigating Conflict, Making Meaningful Connections, Infectious Energy and Instinctive Adaptability.

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